KANE’s transportation management systems support efficient execution of truckload deliveries, cross docking, load consolidation, freight brokerage, and full outsourced transportation management.

We use Tier 1 systems from TMW (OTR freight optimization) and BluJay Solutions (load consolidation and transportation management) to manage on-time, efficient delivery of freight with complete visibility. Naturally, we have GPS tracking in every truck and 2-way communication with our drivers.

Benefits of KANE Transportation Management Systems

  • Avoid major systems investments – we bear the costs of systems and training so you can invest available capital in your core business.
  • Reduce costs and mileage – using  smart systems that optimize runs, routes, and backhauls.
  • Reduce time –  through automated processes that reduce planning time/labor.
  • Stay in the know and in control –  with web access to real-time shipment status and performance reports.

Key Features of KANE’s TMS Platform

  • Full execution suite provides comprehensive solution for dispatch, load management, routing and scheduling, backhaul solicitation, and other tasks.
  • Advanced dashboard reporting for “what if” modelling makes it easy to analyze routes and fleet performance.
  • Highly scalable and configurable system easily connects with other business systems, such as ERP or financial systems.
  • Transportation analytics package puts powerful, easy-to-use data mining tools in the hands of operations experts to spot continuous improvement opportunities

Load Consolidation

One of KANE’s signature freight solutions is Load Consolidation , which combines smaller shipments from multiple manufacturers into single truckload shipments. This lets small to mid-sized shippers cooperate to lower the high cost of LTL shipping. Our system receives orders from multiple companies and searches for “matches” – orders that share similar ship-to destinations and arrival dates. 

We then build full truckloads to cut customer LTL costs by 20% to 35%. 

Features of KANE’s load consolidation program include :

  • Internet-enabled application
  • Updates every 15 minutes
  • Visibility throughout the process for you and your customers
  • Tight integration with warehouse management system
  • Order status frequently updated via EDI
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