Supply Chain Challenges , Logistics Technology , Freight Transportation


Alex Stark | November 28, 2012

Had an interesting business meeting this morning.  While in my office in Pennsylvania, I was on speakerphone with a colleague in California while skyping (thank you, ) with an engineer in Moscow who left a restaurant to do the call from his car. 

If this isn't the definition of technology enabling the supply chain, I don't know what is.  Technology makes possible things that would never have occurred to us a year ago – or even yesterday.  Since we truly are living in a flat world, we should explore any and all methods of using not only logistics technology , but any and all technology to improve our industry. 

In my Skype example, the technology came first, opening up the possibility for cheap computer-to-computer communication and easy global collaboration.   What's even more liberating is to start with the IDEA – then apply technology to enable even the wildest notions.  Take same-day delivery of online orders.  Amazon and Walmart are two of the biggest names positioning themselves for retail's "holy grail."

Thinking like this pushes the entire supply chain industry to a place where we are forced to change or perish.  Here's to the dreamers, the risk takers – those willing to chase agility and flexibility in logistics to achieve nirvana. 

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