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电竞ag王者 | December 23, 2019

December 23, 2019 -- The people have spoken.

We received word earlier this month that KANE’s blog, Consumer Goods Logistics , was given an MVP award by Logistics Brief in their Inventory/Warehousing category. The news was announced publicly on December 4th and Logistics Brief further asked if we would participate in an online video acceptance speech. With this award, Logistics Brief recognizes the posts that provide the highest value to industry professionals.

Certificate_KaneisAble (002)-1 This is an outstanding salute from the logistics and supply chain industry celebrating the consistent, high-level content KANE produces.

The KANE Blog publishes content a few times every month on various topics that impact consumer goods logistics and supply chains. The KANE Blog has been faithfully at it since 2010.

We're proud of this honor because it demonstrates the expertise our dedicated associates provide to our customers every day. 


电竞ag王者 '
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