Alex Stark | January 12, 2017

January 12, 2017 – KANE and Dow Building Solutions, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, have signed a long-term agreement for logistics support. KANE will operate Dow Building Solutions’ Northeast distribution center from KANE’s logistics campus in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which is also KANE’s headquarters location.  

KANE to run Dow Building Solutions Northeast distribution center The characteristics of Dow’s insulation product allow much of it to be stored outdoors. Because Dow uses an intermodal transportation solution, the company sought a 3PL with a large amount of outdoor space that was also close to a Northeast region intermodal ramp. KANE’s Scranton lower business campus covers 44 acres and it is less than two miles from the Norfolk Southern-operated intermodal terminal in Taylor, PA.

 “Providing our customers with reliable and timely service is the utmost priority for Dow,” said Jon Huls, integrated supply chain leader for Dow Building Solutions. “We’re confident that our new partnership with KANE will enable the level of service we seek for our customers.”

KANE CEO Mike Gardner said, “The partnership with Dow leverages KANE’s proximity to the nearby intermodal terminal to help Dow gain the economic and sustainability advantages of rail transportation, while still moving a high volume of product to market very quickly.” 


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