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电竞ag王者 | August 16, 2013


Do you have what it takes to become the best logistics company to work for?  It's an important question to ask since attracting and retaining talent is becoming the key differentiator in our industry. 

Organizations leading the way in the race to become a "Best Places to Work" company have some pretty elaborate perks.  Free health care, day care on site, a gym, stock options, and flex time off, just to name a few.  These top 100 companies are not only treating their associates right, they are catering to their every need.  This is not realistic for all companies, but there are ways we can be the best in our own way.

Here are some things every logistics organization can focus on to become a Best Place to Work.  

Define your mission and culture, and communicate, communicate, communicate.  Every associate should know what this is and where the company is headed.  

Listen to your associates and strongly consider their feedback.   The ones doing the work all day have the best ideas on how to improve things.  Gather ideas and discuss them.  Give associates a sense of ownership in the decision making process.

Invest in your people.  If you want to be the best logistics company to work for, you'll need to provide training opportunities for associates to further their knowledge.  Give paid time off.  Offer a competitive wage and benefits plan.  Say thank you.  Celebrate your wins.  Celebrate holidays and offer family-friendly get togethers to connect outside of work.

Give back to your community as a team.  Have associates bring in goods for a food drive and offer dress down days.  Create groups to go out and paint houses, walk dogs, clean up the park.  This boosts the visibility of your business and enables associate team-building for a good cause.

Are you doing any of these things to become a Best Place to Work company? 

What are you doing to stand out from the crowd?

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